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servizio di posa tappeti erbosiTurf laying and Planting

Collaborating with the best seed companies allows us to ensure high-quality solutions, as regards to both planting and laying sod lawns. Sod lawns are a recent solution, widely used among industry professionals, and can offer many advantages: indeed, as the lawn is sown and cultivated in nurseries, it can be transplanted at any time of year. The lawn can be walked on just 15 days after installation, can protect the soil from erosion caused by the flow of rainwater, and can drastically reduce the emergence of weeds. The use of specific, technologically advanced equipment allows us to properly prepare the soil, creating turf suitable for the most specific requirements.

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The careful choice of trees, shrubs and specimens in general is the first and fundamental step in the successful creation of a garden, whether big or small. It is essential to identify all the characteristics of the location where work is to take place; for example, climate, exposure, soil type and seasonality, to determine the most suitable types of plants. Thanks to the care and professionalism of our workforce, we offer a complete and highly qualified service, meaning that we are able to guarantee the planting of any type of plant, in a fast and precise manner.

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